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  Online King James Bible & Read-Pray-Grow (RPG)

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Read-Pray-Grow (RPG) Daily Bible Reading Guide is published quarterly by the Calvary Bible-Presbyterian Church in Singapore as the Lord enables. Today, by God's grace, the RPG is helping Christians around the world to read God's Word regularly and meaningfully. Its writers are conservative Bible-believing pastor-teachers of fundamentalist persuasions, with a “high view” of Holy Scripture. The RPG uses the King James Version of the Holy Bible, the Bible of the Reformation, most loved and trustworthy, and a bulwark in the path of unbiblical ecumenical union. This ministry is supported entirely by love gifts and free-will offerings from God’s people. We thank the Lord for raising up this ministry and sustaining it since 1982.


In 2005 after a lapse of 15 years, RPG in Chinese is being translated again from the English. A team of dedicated translators in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and the USA is committed to this great task of making these precious Daily Bible Reading Guide Notes available once again to our people in China and South-east Asia and elsewhere. 



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