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Biblical Separation: Doctrine of Church Purification and Preservation
2-7 May 2022, 8.30am-12.00pm, 1 Credit
On Campus and Livestream
Lecturer: Rev Dr Jeffrey Khoo

Course Description:

Biblical Separation is a much neglected doctrine. This has resulted in many denominations and churches compromising the faith and even falling away from the faith. Hence, the rise of neo-evangelical and modernistic churches today. The doctrine of biblical separation is life-saving; it is a doctrine for church purification and preservation. Come and study why and how this is the case in the light of Holy Scripture.

Register online by 27 April 2022


To encourage and help everyone to register for the FEBC courses, our church office will assist you with registration and payments of the fees.

Fill up the registration form following details are required.
1. Name as per your IC or passport
2. Email address
3. Local address
4. Phone
5. Credit or Audit
6. Student (in school/university): Yes/No
7. Church (if not CJBPC)

Students (in school / university) will be granted full subsidy by the church.
As for non-students who require subsidy, kindly contact Dn Seh Beng.

Course fees:
S$20.00 (RM60.00) per audit-hour and S$40.00 (RM120.00) per credit-hour
Church will help make payment on your behalf first. Reimbursement can be made to the following account (please indicate "FEBC" in your bank-in slip).

Bank Name: Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad
Account no.: 121540010040213
Name: Calvary Jaya Bible-Presbyterian Fellowship



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